Deborah Converse Capstone Story

Deborah Converse
Diocese of St. Petersburg

I am part of a small design team responsible for creating adult faith formation programs in Catholic health care. We share resources and have challenges remembering who has access to what. In addition, from time to time people will ask me where to go for videos or good pictures, or want to know where I learned how to create the various projects I’ve done for them.

My Capstone Project was to build a website as a place to gather and share quality multimedia resources for adult faith formation, and then to share the website with my network. My intention was to present quality multimedia sites – both free and paid that have been curated for use in adult faith formation, as well as other helpful information. This site was built using Squarespace. They offer beautiful templates and advanced features, as well as an extensive “how to” knowledge base online.

While the project goal was to build a website, it has inspired me to consider starting a blog. I definitely will continue to add to the site, including links to my social media account.