Digital Disciple Network and National Association of Catholic Media Partners Merge

Digital Disciple Network (DDN, and, under the leadership of Sr. Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF, is pleased to announce our merger with the National Association of Catholic Media Partners (NACMP, formerly the National Association of Catechetical Media Professionals).


NACMP’s Digital Faith Formation website, ( will continue to be developed by Tim Welch, Consultant for Educational Technology, Diocese of St. Cloud and will become part of the DDN website. The merger with DDN is the next step in continuing our efforts to offer resources, training, and the invitation to all to join the conversation.

DDN will continue to offer online training for technology in ministry through Digital Discipleship Boot Camp and other training products, as well as yearly live leadership gatherings and workshops for those interested in technology for ministry. DDN is also developing a quarterly newsletter with updates about new online courses as they are developed.

Both organizations are leaders in media in ministry and believe that pooling their shared talents and experience will make them a more viable organization, better able to meet the needs of today’s Catholic lay and religious ministers in all faith formation settings.

The merger is planned for early May 2019. One of the first steps will be to invite those who are current NACMP and DDN members to engage in a conversation of what they want membership to be in the evolving Digital Disciple Network. We look forward to this exciting merger and hope all will participate by lending their creative voice to the conversation.

For more information, please contact Sr. Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF,