Janet Caschette Capston Story

© Janet Caschetta, December 10, 2015


Today’s families are overscheduled and stressed. Often faith growth takes a back burner to sports, lessons, and other activities. Creating engaging, varying online content to draw them in and keep them coming back which is vital to reaching parents and children. Our desktops turned into laptops, which turned into tablets and have now morphed into smartphones. Family life can be controlled by a 4 inch screen. I created a website that provides information on the Four Pillars of the Catholic Church that can be discovered by parents and children alike at https://4pillarsofthechurch.wordpress.com.

Many of the religious education textbook series create their content around the four pillars of Creed, Prayer, Sacrament and Morality. The site gives families a way to connect to what is being taught in the text and bringing faith alive at home.

First create a page on wordpress.com by searching for available names that would work with your idea. WordPress is a free blog page or webpage platform, easy to set up and includes lots of designs with help along the way.Once you choose a name for the web address and a design for the page you simply add content. Make sure any content you create is sound theological teaching, noting references if needed. There are many good online resources through publishers, catholic sites and catholic bloggers to link content to your site. Linking is easy through the hyperlink icon on the toolbar of the post page. When I add a link, I choose to “open in a new window”. This option allows viewers to stay on your page to find more content without using the back button to return. I always strive to keep them on our page so they can continue to “click” through other resources available.

Launching a wordpress site is easy and can really engage students and parents alike with the content that you choose. But remember to change it often so that they come back again to discover new formational articles and creative ways to learn and grow in faith. Join me in using their 4 inch screen to bring faith-filled messages into their lives.