Kellie De Leo’s Capstone Story

Catechists of the World, Unite    
by Kellie De Leo

Kellie De Leo wants to keep catechists talking to one another, so she created a Catechist Forum using the digital tool Wikispaces. The forum began as a way for catechists at her St. John Neumann Parish in Irvine, CA, to share ideas and have a dialogue between one another. In the years since, it has become available to catechists worldwide.

She set it up with a page for each grade level, which has goals for them and a place where catechists can share lesson plan ideas, classroom management tips, seasonal activities and more. The resource page includes links to the Vatican, United States Bishop Conference, and Diocese of Orange websites, as well as to the catechism of the Catholic Church, directory of catechesis and Saints and Angels and Patron Saints and more.

The advantages she cites include promoting collaboration, mentoring each other especially new catechists who may feel overwhelmed at times, and a one-stop area for resource ideas. “I believe this is a great tool to enhance collaboration, creativity and information-sharing for the 21st century catechist,” she said, adding that things in the digital world change quickly, so while the tools and technology may change, the need for catechists being connected will not.