Liz Girton Capstone Story

Diocesan Certification for the Over-extended Catechist
Liz Girton
Diocese of Charlotte

The Project Goals I set were:

  • Create a private blog for my parish catechists as a tool for furthering their catechetical formation to meet parish and diocesan guidelines.
  • Create a community of digital disciples who are excited about sharing their faith with each other.
  • Using “Catechist Magazine”, challenge the catechists to read current materials that will increase their skills within their ministry.
  • Include articles that will also encourage catechists to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ which they can then share with those with whom they minister as well as other catechists.
  • Form leaders within the catechists who encourage anyone who is not participating whether it is fear, time or whatever the circumstances so that I as the Parish Catechetical Leader do not come off as a taskmaster.

I was able to accomplish all these goals and even more. The catechists took responsibility for their own formation and encouraged each other in keeping up to date with the readings. These were exciting results because it has always been a challenge getting the catechists trained but using this blog I will continue throughout the year so that everyone will have a first year certificate which will be a first for my parish. I will have the substantiation I need to show the diocese that the catechists have completed their modules making it a good way to have what I need to show the diocese the work the catechists and I have been doing to get the catechists up-to-date on their certification.

The technology I used was:

  • Blog – WordPress
  • Email
  • Links
  • PowerPoint presentation (used this to show some of the catechists having trouble getting on the blog the step by step way to get in)
  • Imbedded YouTube into one blog
  • PollDaddy poll
  • Webinars
  • YouTube
  • Wordle