Liza Roach’s Capstone Story 2018

Catholic Parishes, You Can Create an App for That!

This is Liza’s Capstone Proposal.

Project Description:

The majority of Americans are largely connected to the digital world through the use of cell phone.  Most statics show that the United States has about 95% of people owning a digital cell phone of those about 77% own smart phones that allow them to run applications (apps).  The majority of people who are cell phone users only have access to the digital world through their cellular device, about 1 in 5 people. (statistics found on

People are connected to the digital world for their day to day living through their cell phones.  “Mobile phones are now an indispensable part of everyday life for most people around the globe.” (

Understanding this modern-day circumstance, the Catholic Church has to do a better job to evangelize digital users through their cellphones.  One of the ways we can help digital users is to provide easier access to our ministries through their cellular device by creating applications or apps.  Church leaders can create Apps to do Religious Education registration, allow Confirmation candidates to fill out service forms, help women’s ministry sell homemade goods, collect donations for a capital campaign, and much more.  My project is going to show people in ministry how easy it is to create apps for their church.  I will provide instruction to guide them through registration and how to create your very own App.

Project Goals:

1. Provide the website to create an App without coding.

2. Provide a handout with step by step procedures.

  • How to register.
  • How to begin to create your app.
  • Guidance for what to plug in and what to do for app depending on what your ministry needs are.
  • How to finish and publish app. (Depending on if you selected a paying plan)

4. Make a video or Power Point to help understand the step by step process.

5. Give online class or webinar to help church leaders make their own Apps.


The project will impact ministry leaders and church employees who are looking to reach out and evangelize to parishioners through a new means of digital capabilities.


  • Write up Handout by 9/30/2018
  • Create Video/Power Point Process by 10/30/2018
  • Provide Class or Webinar: timing depends on when the Diocese would like it to be scheduled or I can provide class online for those who are associated with my Facebook on my own by 11/15/2018.

Technology Tools:

  2. Power Point or Video Production
  3. If not a class, Go-to-Webinar


There is no cost to do make an App with  Apps can be made free on, but if you want to have the App be used beyond a web platform such as android it would be $12 a month and to add it to the Apple platform it goes up to $40.  There are also more tools and other options given with the increase in price.  These prices also allow you to create apps that can be published and make you money.


The approval will need to come from Diocese or parish priest who would like to host the class or webinar.  At the moment, I hope to assist people in the Diocese of Norwich who took a previous course in Enhancing Ministry through Technology and are ready to go to the next level.  To host a class at the Diocese, the approval would come from the Office of Faith Events’ Director, Andrea Hoisl.  Also, I would like Digital Disciple to add this as a portion of their Boot Camp as apps are next phase of digital competencies!!