Marty McClain Capstone Story

Creating a Parish Blog
Marty McClain
Diocese of Cincinnati

The evidence is clear. Catholic families are not as connected to their faith communities as they once were. Mass attendance is down, enrollment in Catholic schools is shrinking, and  classrooms in parish based religious education programs are not as full as in the past. Sports, band, cheerleading and dance are just a few of the activities that are consuming the time that families once committed to parish life.

Drawing on the guidance of Strong Catholic Families, Marty’s parish made the commitment to reach out to busy parents by creating a parent blog. Today, many parishes have blog or other types of interactive digital sites. Even the Archdiocese of Cincinnati has gotten into the game. Check out their website with resources as well as a prominent blog feature. 

Once you have established a blog for your parish, be sure to invite others to it via Facebook, bulletin announcements, and any other means available.