Jose Amaya Capstone Story

Jose Amaya, the director of faith formation for the Archdiocese for the Military Services USA (AMS), enhanced his ministry with social media as he sought a way “to serve those who serve.” The AMS serves 1.8 million active duty Catholic men and women and their families stationed around the world and across the continental U.S.

After attending the Digital Discipleship Boot Camp, Jose launched the AMS Catechists Talk, a social networking community designed to respond to the catechists’ desire to connect online – to dialogue, collaborate and consult – from across the globe. It provides the opportunity to share best practices and faith stories.

“Digital Discipleship Boot Camp gave me the language, confidence and skills to become an advocate and promoter of social media integration in evangelization and catechesis,” he said.

He set up a closed group on Facebook with his colleagues and supervisor as the Facebook administrator team. Catechists are “invited” to join. This forum is a closed social networking group of catechists from around the Archdiocese in the U.S. and overseas. There is also a blog for longer conversations. “I post pictures, comments and questions, curate works or news from other sources that support the implementation of the Archdiocesan curriculum guide and enhance catechists’ skills to support the faith formation and evangelization of families. Images/pictures speak louder than a million words,” Jose said.

“The skills and language I gained through the Digital Discipleship Boot Camp gave me the confidence to be an advocate for the integration of technology in evangelization and catechesis. Facebook is one of the digital media that connects people and enables faith sharing. Use it as a gift from God.”