Resources for Distance Learning

Our purpose in creating this page is to serve you. We will pull together stories from parishes, best practices and capstone projects we hope will help you at this time. Use this as a place to engage in conversation with each other. Tells us what you are doing. Tell us what you need from us. Use the contact form and we will respond promptly.

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Parish stories, Tips and Ideas

This is from Sarah Pedrozo at St. Catherine of Siena in Austin, TX

  • Ramped up posting to our parish “RE and Youth Ministry” Facebook page.
  • Revamped a dedicated Weebly website just for RE communications and assignments
  • Given all children in weekly classes online access to their RE textbook, with instructions on how to submit the chapter reviews online. Encouraged families in our monthly programs to just continue on with their regular homework schedule. (Children in weekly classes do not have a textbook at home, but children in monthly classes already do.)
  • Invited our catechists to Zoom training (if they don’t already use it) to hold virtual classes
  • Invited our families to create a parish “Stations of the Resurrection” meditation. In looking ahead to Easter, we are putting this together. We ask families to just send in thoughts or photos that remind them of these stations. (We introduced these stations to the families last year, so this is a reminder and a way to look forward in hope.) I will compile all of it.
  • Regular group emails to touch base and give direction


Here is what Kellie De Leo is doing:

At St. Bartholomew in Long Beach, CA, we have moved all of our sacrament sessions online.  We are using Zoom to connect with those sessions.  We have continued using the St. Mary’s Press – Go, Seek and Find for our first communion.  Our Adult Confirmation we are continuing as if we were meeting in person using Zoom.  RCIA we are meeting online to break open the Word.  In addition, both the Adult Confirmation and RCIA already had a class blog which is now mandatory for them to participate in.

For our non-sacrament sessions, we have sent the parents the home link for St. Mary’s Discover program and have asked the parents to continue working with the children.  I told them after Easter Week we will have a review session on Kahoot.  We have also sent them links to various free resources – such as Living Faith Kids Reflection, and LTP Virtual Holy Week.

We also signed up for the forty day free trial of Formed which pulls together the best in Catholic movies, children’s programming, audio dramas and books, we provide a trusted and engaging entertainment alternative in support of a Catholic lifestyle.  It also has Bible studies, sacramental prep materials, documentaries, books and audio talks from leading Catholic experts that will help you grow in understanding your faith.

In addition, we gave them the link for our Sunday Mass live-streamed as daily live streaming Mass from Bishop Barron and Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels.