Ruth Manlandro’s Capstone Story

Organizing your RCIA Team with a Wiki
Ruth Manlandro
Diocese of St. Augustine

Cathedral Parish is located in St. Augustine, Florida. The parish was founded in 1565 with the founding of St. Augustine, which makes it “The First Parish” in Florida. This is an interesting concept since in many ways the parish is not utilizing current technology for communication with its parishioners and ministries.

During the summer of 2012 while attending the Digital Discipleship Boot Camp, Ruth realized that modern technology could benefit the RCIA team. The team relied on email for all communication and materials for teaching. Instead, Ruth’s idea was to use a wiki as a means of communication, teaching materials, and improve collaboration among the team.

The wiki was developed to include: Google Calendar, Teaching materials, teacher schedules, topics of study, and other important information to the team. The wiki was presented to the team on August 25, 2012 at a meeting. The team learned how to become a member of the wiki, navigation, and what was available on the wiki. Many of the team members embraced the use of this technology and have found it to be extremely useful. Gone are the days of searching through numerous emails for needed materials and information.

The RCIA has become more organized, collaboration has improved, and information is at their fingertips. The WIKI has been a great way of improving organization for this team of ten.