Sue Sharlow’s Capstone Story

A Pilgrim on a Techno-Journey
Sharing the Paschal Mystery in the 21st Century

Sue Sharlow
Diocese of St. Petersburg

“The dynamic world of technology is here to stay. As disciples, we need to either get digital or
forget about reaching anybody younger than ourselves. So, let’s explore on way we can teach a timeless message in a new way. Digital storytelling is a wonderful means of description, as well as sharing of that which is most important to us and as a vehicle for imparting our message. I recently produced a video depicting a part of my personal journey in order to help students internalize the message of the Paschal Mystery and help them to see that we are all pilgrims on a journey. I personalized a mother’s loss of her child and related it to The Sorrowful Mother through Christ’s Passion and Resurrection. After my son died at 16, on the feast day of St. James the Apostle, I felt called to walk to the tomb of the apostle of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, commonly called The Way. My experience was too powerful not to share.”

Sue used images from her pilgrimage, and enhanced her digital story with free images from the Internet. She put them together into a video using Movie Maker that could be shared with her RCIA participants. She felt that participants related to the images in an intimate way, more so than if she had simply taught information about the Paschal Mystery.