Summit 2019

The 2019 Digital Disciples Summit: Engaging in Digital Transformation continues the sharing of our knowledge, skills, and resources to develop Digital Disciples in our everyday ministries. This summit is a WORKING SUMMIT. 

Why a “Working” Summit? Drawing on our shared wisdom and expertise, we believe it is time to explore the following five areas so that we can advance our leadership in digital discipleship:

  1. Publish a Book titled – Digital Discipleship: The goal of this group is to create a Book Proposal Outline covering an Overview, Target Audience, identify writers, detail a Table of Contents with summaries of each chapter, and draft one or two first chapters that offer an accurate sense of the style, substance and structure of the book.
  2. Digital Disciple Summer Camp for students in grades 6 – 9: To prepare a Model that will be piloted during the summer of 2019. This “model” would include ways to engage students learning and becoming Digital Disciples for their parishes and Catholic schools.
  3. Digital Disciple Online School: It is imperative that ministers keep up-to-date, learning the most effective ways to use technology to enhance their use of technology for evangelization and sharing the Gospel message. These ministry needs can be met successfully by online courses designed and delivered through collaborative endeavors. The main task of this group lies in identifying the professional development areas to meet the needs of the designated ministry audience.
  4. Summer Catechist Intensive in Digital Discipleship: Those working at the Diocesan Level often provide training for their catechists. This would be a Pilot program during Summer 2019 that would then be shared with diocesan offices for the 2020 Summer for Face to Face (F2F) training events.
  5. EdCamp Model for Educators and Parish Ministers: While collaborating with NCEA we have learned about the EdCamps that are now being coordinated for Catholic school educators. It is time to explore how school staff and ministry staff could create professional development (PD) training for both educators and parish ministers through an EdCamp model. This group would create an EdCamp model that would engage both school and ministry staff in using technology in the school or ministry settings.

Where will we meet? In Orlando during the Future of Educational Conference (FETC). During the Summit we will have an opportunity to attend the FETC Concurrent Sessions. Why? Our school educators have been involved with educational technology for over 35 years. The offered sessions provide diverse and relevant courses you won’t find anywhere else.  We can learn from expert-led learning opportunities and apply what we learn to our faith learning experiences.

When? January 27 – 30, 2019

Who is invited? We are looking for 25 – 30 participants who have average to above average technology skills and are interested in being on a team in one of the five named areas. By gathering in Orlando, we can begin forming a faith-based community of ministers focused on leading others in Digital Discipleship.

How do I let you know I would like to be on a Team? Go to our Registration Survey ( ) and send in your application.

Registration for FETC and Conference Hotel:  Will be sent directly to participants.

See the Summit 2019 schedule here.

The Digital Disciples Summit Planning Team

Steve Botsford
Andrea Chavez-Kopp
Andrea Slaven
Cari White
John Roberto
Jose Amaya
Kristi Jenkins
Linda Fitzsimmons
Liza Roach
Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF